And off on another one

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Well I think I’ll be speaking to the either a little more regularly. I quit my social media accounts recently. I don’t see the point of most of them as they don’t produce anything but wasted time. Out in Nashville shooting for Nissan again. Hell someone must love me to be doing it time and time again. Thank got for having good relationships. I produce and do it in a timely manner all of my clients know this and damnit if it isn’t why they don’t hire me. I think. Seriously blessed I’m to have good clients.

Out doin my thing. Still ain’t printing shit. But hell I gotta put something somewhere or no one will see it

Work play my life

One or so years and a month er two

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Who reads blogs……… anyhow….

well I come to a point in my thought thin of what really deserves print? send out promo ? to get thrown away yet again… is it I’m too jaded to print a goddamn thing . Told myself I wouldn’t sell prints again so there’s that , cause pics aint art and everyones got a brownie.

what deserves print….. when I was shooting film I felt everything should be printed . well I guess that’s the only way you could show that work then . now its a fleeting flicker on the internet , or its even a quicker flick on the smartphone. Primts are supposed to be viewed. I like them small if the subject matter demands it . Straight prints from negs are absolutely beautiful…. well so are prints from the computer I guess too … Ive made 2 in the past 3 years I was happy with . I went to A&I in LA and worked with them , I knew the paper I knew how I wanted it translated , it is about the same process as the darkroom and is never just hit print…. The difference I guess is the smell of fixer and developer and getting the hands wet in the dark.. I pine to slow down and go back to some of my old pocesses, but for what ? the print ? Id have to know a harder of paper for that , and not me . I need to have a bonfire……..

print promos……. hmmmmmmmm I got some laid out ,,,,,, no-one to send em to . hell who am I kidding Im busier than a one armed paper hanger in an ass kicking contest.

the print
the print
the print

It is always about the print…. its what is left when everything else is gone , till there’s a fire…..

photogravure, that is something special,,,, that lasts.

well if ya read this I’m sorry for spewing…. but its all about the print ….. countless hard drives sitting around , I should just go broke printing and sending to some of the fine people Ive shot … someone might like it , or it’ll keep em warm for that fleeting second as it turns to ashes. either way a gift………

well gotta go chum out some more goodies….

Ill leave ya with a pic just have to find one


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17 states, 2 months, 12 jobs,time for a break , NO!

All this and run my 3 businesses , and a household. some ask how I do it and say I need a clone, If I had a clone Id start to try and figure out how to do triple this.

I have tons of new Imagery , yet little time to post to my real website , but thats coming I swear!!!
for now condolences if anyone out there gave a damn to come to this place on the web , I hope you enjoy or at least some emotion was made … heres a few highlight low lights…… get dirty , clean as a whistle.

The Edge

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You know that feeling when your on your game and sharp as a tack the one that makes you feel as though you could conquer the world . The one that makes you strive for excellence everyday. We’ve all had it at one point, what takes it away/

Never give up never stop.

Back to the drawing board, although other aspects seem to take up all my time. reset the batts and get in the game.. Make it happen cap’n

Been Busy as hell and what do I have to show for it.

little something on MSN

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some of my handy work on MSN….

Just a test

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How Continue reading

John Wayne, John D’Augustino,John Lucero

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All People you might have seen at the Fire party………. just some snaps for the snaps.

324A1710 324A1716 324A1717 324A1726 324A1730 324A1734 324A1741 324A1744 324A1753 324A1757 324A1761 324A1763 324A1765 324A1773 324A1776 324A1781 324A1786 324A1789 324A1796 324A1797 324A1800 324A1810 324A1813 324A1822 324A1829 324A1835 324A1839 324A1856 324A1863 324A1872 324A1886 324A1894 324A1902 324A1905 324A1907 324A1910 324A1914 324A1927