One or so years and a month er two

Who reads blogs……… anyhow….

well I come to a point in my thought thin of what really deserves print? send out promo ? to get thrown away yet again… is it I’m too jaded to print a goddamn thing . Told myself I wouldn’t sell prints again so there’s that , cause pics aint art and everyones got a brownie.

what deserves print….. when I was shooting film I felt everything should be printed . well I guess that’s the only way you could show that work then . now its a fleeting flicker on the internet , or its even a quicker flick on the smartphone. Primts are supposed to be viewed. I like them small if the subject matter demands it . Straight prints from negs are absolutely beautiful…. well so are prints from the computer I guess too … Ive made 2 in the past 3 years I was happy with . I went to A&I in LA and worked with them , I knew the paper I knew how I wanted it translated , it is about the same process as the darkroom and is never just hit print…. The difference I guess is the smell of fixer and developer and getting the hands wet in the dark.. I pine to slow down and go back to some of my old pocesses, but for what ? the print ? Id have to know a harder of paper for that , and not me . I need to have a bonfire……..

print promos……. hmmmmmmmm I got some laid out ,,,,,, no-one to send em to . hell who am I kidding Im busier than a one armed paper hanger in an ass kicking contest.

the print
the print
the print

It is always about the print…. its what is left when everything else is gone , till there’s a fire…..

photogravure, that is something special,,,, that lasts.

well if ya read this I’m sorry for spewing…. but its all about the print ….. countless hard drives sitting around , I should just go broke printing and sending to some of the fine people Ive shot … someone might like it , or it’ll keep em warm for that fleeting second as it turns to ashes. either way a gift………

well gotta go chum out some more goodies….

Ill leave ya with a pic just have to find one

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