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soul for sale!!!

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Not really but I do have prints!. New things are happening. For the first time ever I am offering limited edition prints for sale on my website…. its a hidden gallery. if you ever wanted a sweet shot of mine and can’t find em , I am blowing em out here! enjoy

Starlite rod and custom revisited

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I wanted to throw this out into the either. one of my favorite shoots to date . Its always fun hanging out with the Starlite boys from long beach hahahahahahahaha carson.
big thanks to cyclone kevin for letting us shoot at bobs off firestone!!!!

cheers and enjoy

texas style reliability

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Just got back from Tejas. went out for a book release that I was apart of shooting. had an awesome time . heres some snaps from the reliability run that kicked it off.

Thanks to Ryan, John, and jeff

cheers and enjoy some snapshots…

Just a little ditty

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disclaimer_________There are misspelled words and run on sentences below, if you have a problem with it

So I have never done this before but felt it might be high tide that I did just to give a few readers an insight to where I am coming from. I don’t like to gloat or talk much about me , but have been asked Nye told that I should. A really good friend to me said you gotta swing your dick around , cause none else is gonna do it for ya . I know he is right . So here goes , probably the long est writing this blog will ever get . I grew up as a “military brat” so they stereo type. pops was in the service, so every 2 years we packed our bags and moved where the gov told us. I wouldn’t give up that experience growing up for anything . it opened my eyes to new towns worlds and people that if we had stayed in my dads home state woulda never come across. I am the youngest of 3 , 2 older sissies that paved the way and wore down my parents, so by the time I came along it was a little easier growing up , love my sisters . Oh and I am adopted( and havnt looked for the bio parents). growing up was by the way of the late 70’s and 80’s reagan youth? and all that . I lived a ton of places and had been to 40 of the 50 states by age 10, or at least drove through them , that was the modus operandi for the Suttons. load up in the station wagon and hit it ! When we hit texas I finally gained some roots. in the youth we bounced back and forth from san antonio to other air force bases, so it alway felt right to call texas home. besides I was at the time getting my musical tastes and punk rawk and country seemed to go hand and hand. With that all came the usual kid shit BMX and skateboarding( when it wasn’t kool) Actually spent a night in jail for nothing but skateboarding , I think that was in 92, how things change . Countless tickets for it and tons of punk rock shows later I found myself in a pickle in Texas and had to move. Dont mess with Texas and they mean it . All my high school buds mostly went to jail , had to get out and get down and figure out WTF to do , so Colorado was the best choice.

rewind to age5 … my oldest sis gave me some pencils and a pad of paper. A artist was born. I think this might be the only thing I have done my whole life. Drawing, painting and sculpting was my life until I found my current medium of photography. Funny thing is I never considered photos as art. Always had a 110 camera or polaroid with me since I was 10 , so i could study photos to draw and sculpt. funny how shit works. Now i take pics for money and draw for fun.

Well maybe that whole only thing I’ve done my whole life is wrong. hmmm cars and mechanics have also had an influence since about the age of 2. I remember rolling around on my big wheel wanting to help pops while he banged out the dents or changed the starter on the ol GREEN SLED.. I think it was a 60’s green buick wildcat or something .all i knew was it was large and in charge and got us places in style. The sissies were all way older than me so they got to 16 way quicker . when my oldest sis got to be 16 I was 6. pops taught her the things she aughtta know about cars on the gold volkswagon . Shit like how to check and change the oil and how to change a flat tire. I was all about it ! from that point on I was taking everything apart and rebuilding it . Now I build full cars in my hobby time( and yes I fabricate and completely build them myself) . My dad wonders where it comes from I think it started in the carport there on Randolph AFB in 83-84.

alright , we left Tejas and now were in colorado, went to school for painting drawing and sculpting for 3 years , no prestigious school , no transcripts, no nothin just finding myself in life. It took a drunk driver doing 75 mph to hit me head on in my vw bug (that I just got where I wanted mechanically ) to figure out my lives work. A little coffee with the gods as I was out for a week. When I woke I knew photography was the way for me . Straight to school and off to Cali where I find myself presently. Trying to make it all happen with My two passions Hotrods and new automobiles….

This is just a taste of whats here in my world and where i come from. All I want to do Is shoot People Bikes , Automobiles in the studio and on location. I was born for this shit, its in my blood…………………


little ditty for Autoweek

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did a little filmin