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Photography I am sliding into liking lately

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cannonball run

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This has to be the most epic journey and event for anyone to do …. makes me want to do it in a hotrod…..enjoy.

cross country on pre 1940’s motorcycles. I got a chance to see them all in colorado !.

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A Day I didn’t think would come . The passing of Rod & Custom

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Well It came with little warning , its like I lost a friend from elementary school last week . In collage all I wanted to do was shoot for Rod and Custom , it was something I had grown up with and was always there . My professors said I was a fool and should shoot new cars , so I did and had a keen passion for it as well. But it was always in the back of my head. Once in social I started my working apprinicship with one of the best photographers in the car shooting workld, Kevin Necessary . I still hold this guy in the highest regard as a friend and a professional. I was truly on track working with him and many more in the automotive and celebrity world to being what I wanted to be . It only takes drive and talent, right? or maybe knowing the right people too. anyhow one day I got a call from my dear friend Kev Elliot . He said he got me a sit down with the new editor of R&C. it was a dream come true and I could make a few extra bucks in the process. Sat down with him and Rob Fortier for an hour or so to show them my portfolio and talk the talk . By the end of the meeting I had my first assignment with them . Chris Casneys model A coupe. Ill always remember that one as chris said to me , how many years have you worked for rod and custom? I told him it was the first shoot . I think he turned white as a sheet with the lack of confidence. Well endless to say I must have done alright. My next shoot was a cover. Time went on and on and I loved working for the core group. of Rob Aaron and Kev . Fun times I will always look back and smile . It was a greta gig and had lots of fun meeting some of the most amazing people out there in the R&C world.

cheers guys . onwards and upwards.

heres a small collection of the covers I did including my scratch built hotrod that was featured and chris’s coupe


















cross country in a van timelapse

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THE Cyclone Racer………

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Pt Magu

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gonna need a full wetdown…..

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i love my friends