Busy like a one legged man in an ass kicking contest!

Man October and to date I finally have a day off , well a day to do my much needed work in the studio and rattle cages for more work. Been super busy. and its all blurred together. Worked on a sweet little job for Honda and RPA doing a billboard . awesome little project clean and simple and everyone involved was stoked. Hope it means more work from these folk. Always kind words from my clients so i guess I’m doing something right.

My long time friend Matt helped me out the day on this one lighting her all up over at LA Prep here in Signal Hill. Awesome thing is I found out LA Prep is building one hell of a new studio , and its super close to home . Can’t wait to work in there and do something amazing.

Heres the Billboard on the 405 Northbound in between the 710 and 110 freeways. There is another up in the Bay Area so you norcal peeps be on the lookout , id love to see pix.


Immediatly following that Gig I got contacted by the good people down at Galpin Motors. My good friend Dave Shutten , mentioned to them I take the best pictures this side of the mason dixon. I couldnt agree more to toot my own horn a bit ,lol. Anyhow I got the call they needed to shoot their calander for 2014 and only had about a week to do it . I said they called the right guy.

heres some examples and keep an eye out for it . lots of history in this one as they just turned 65 . its a retrospective on them and Galpinizing.

since then Ive been shooting like nuts. Bunch of mag work you will see soon up in Reno and wine country of Sanoma , man i just might move there…….
And As soon as I had a chance to breath I had a shoot for drivingline.com down in the Petersons vault 11cars in 4 hours , dtfm. yeooow!

Oh and if work wasnt enough to spin my lid We had out child Zoe in the middle of all of it . post to come………..

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 11.40.28 AM

edsel high three quart


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