Oh man my life has officially changed for the better . Never thought I’d have such a wonderful partner to have a child with ,but I do . Beckye I love you.

As some of you know we were having a child scheduled for nov 28 ,Turkey day . It seems the kiddo didnt get the memo and got her holidays mixed up as she was born early on Halloween. guess she likes a trick with her treat and didnt wanna be called a turkey her whole life. Ill tell you what everything people say about having a kid is true as all hell . Never listened to em but im here to say they are right.

Baby Zoe Elizabeth Sutton was born at 4:21 on Oct 31 2013

Mama bear went in for a routine appointment with her doc at 3 and they said it was time to get her out . I wont go into too many details , but I am very proud of my wife and child !.

Zoe was premature and stayed at the hospital until last night. she gained almost double her original weight and is doing well. soooooo much character i cant belive it . and her mammas good looks . dont worry 2 year olds out there , yes I hve guns and they are loaded so stay clear.

I am a proud man and stoked for this next chapter of my life….. working hard and caring for my girls.

Beck and Zoe I love you ..

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 11.39.39 AM


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