i sit here to write this morning no tricks no pictures just write about yesterday . It was awesome . My friend dode had a car party and I met some amazing legends!!!. I find myself getting into these situations a ton . around people that maybe i shouldnt have met , but why not or is it that we are all do’ers. or maybe Im just not on the level at all. really just honored. I met the snake Don Prudhomme yesterday along with Art Christman. Idols for sure and Iconic as hell in the world I live in…. Some maynot know of them at all but it was amazing to have time to hang out and talk to these legends. Art actually knew my work and who I was! He told me to stick with it . Words that meant a lot due to the fact its hard to be a business owner, photographer and um I hate to say it artist for a living …. but that said he was a man who followed his dreams. meant a lot…

Thank you Dode for being such an awesome person and inviting me to the car party …. amazing day for sure…. now off to the grind and 15 hour days of office work and shooting!..


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